Work with the public using our health survey, letters and or petitions to proper levels of government, and each other’s collective stories to push for a proper investigation to find out what is causing the levels of undefined illness where we live.
To answer such questions as:
Why are so many people ill? What “causative agents” are at work here? Why do so many people’s symptoms escape diagnosis? Why do people get better when they leave the valley? Why do they get sick again when they come back? Why are some doctors telling some of their patients that they need to leave the valley if they want to be well again?
Why has the shelf life of perishable foods become so much shorter? What elements are causing this? What is in our food? Is it in the soil? In the water?
What “caused” the Avian Influenza event? Was it there before the birds were eliminated from the food chain? Was it in the eggs? Were we consuming it? Has no one seen the epidemiologist final report on this event?
Where did the coloured sludge in our inland waters come from? How did it get there?
Where did the “parasitic fungi” and “volatile sulphur compounds” problem come from? What and/or who caused it? What long term progressive effect is this having on population health and the state of the ambient environment?
Why has there been such an increase in organ related illness, respiratory illness, and cancer in animals since approximately early 2003?
What is known about conditions in the valley that is not being disclosed? Who benefits from such failure to disclose?
What is happening to our inland water? What caused the onset of this trend? Who did it? What effect does this have on our food sources? Our water? The soil?
What effect could this have on our wildlife? Our fish? The bees? Unborn babies? Developing young life?
What is in our bodies? Are we being given full access to this information?
I know the answer to many of these questions, but so many do not.
Thus, part of our work will be to share with the public information that very well could be relevant to the current state of the Fraser Valley and its inhabitants in the hope this knowledge will help to fill in many missing pieces of many personal health puzzles, and that collectively, enough information will come forward to bring about correct action and full disclosure in the analysis of environment, water, human, animal, fish, fowl, and vegetation conditions.
May “all” the lab data flow freely everywhere that it is needed in the name of well health.
So how do we do this?
We need to hear from you. If you have something to report, or are a person or persons who are experiencing illness in yourself and/or your pets/livestock, report it here. We need your stories to make the case for a need to investigate.
So far there are 2 letters to government requesting an investigation into the health trends in the valley, and there have been many health surveys submitted for analysis, as well as petitions requesting a review of medical findings by a portion of health survey participants. We need to keep this process ongoing.
A meeting of a group of people with the mysterious symptoms was set up and attended by the epidemiologist. This was advertised in an Abbotsford newspaper.
A number of newspaper articles went out about the concerns around what is in the valley and what effect this can have on health, and a number of newspaper articles featuring the founder of this site sought to get answers regarding the strange formations in our inland waters. So far no answers have been given.
There were also so far two attempts to have the television media give this topic some coverage. Sadly, and predictably, the coverage was watered down. But as
was so aptly pointed out, it was somewhat of a miracle to have gotten anything at all on the air. This is not an easy topic to get anyone to talk about. So there is another group of questions that needs to be asked and answered.... Why is this such an off limits topic? Who does not want it discussed in public? Why?
The work is not done.
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