Founded to assist people of the Fraser Valley with Health & Environmental issues.

Welcome to the Fraser Valley Coalition for Health and Environmental Justice.
Here you will find information about things many know nothing about, but if you live here, you should have some knowledge about such things.
The aim of this project is to help educate and advocate for people and animals and the environment, all of which is in big trouble out here. The hope is to bring about positive change in the form of better diagnosis and a cleaning up of the mess in our environment using non harmful methods that are well understood and predictable. There should be no use of unpredictable bio/myco remediation substances in the environment which could do the unexpected and create an even larger problem, leading to secrecy.
Here you will find a health survey specific to commonly reported symptoms in this valley, starting with my own. They came to be on the survey as they are frequently associated with a lack of diagnosis, ineffective treatment, or as early symptoms which had no explanation prior to the onset of organ disease or cancer. So commonly found was this pattern that I created a health survey to comprise the symptoms. I then took it to a physician in Abbotsford who pier reviewed it and added three symptoms. I then showed it to BC Bio lab staff who suggested I add one symptom that was not on there, thyroid malfunction, and thirdly, I sent it to a local epidemiologist who added a list of things which would be needed in order to do reviewing and reporting on the findings. I now have a twice pier reviewed health survey reflective of the health trends in this Fraser Valley. I also consulted with veterinarians so that animal health questions could be added appropriately.
I have been meeting with people and helping them through the health survey, which I then forward to the epidemiologist. I have also designed two petitions for presentation to Fraser Health Authority and Government (Health Minister) requesting a review of one’s medical findings.
We have sought media involvement to bring attention to the health threats here as well as the unanswered questions as to what is happening in the environment. So far these questions have been answered by no one.
A proper diagnosis oftentimes starts with laboratory findings. Free flow of data at that level would have immensely productive effect on early diagnosis and treatment of many of these symptoms escaping diagnosis. This is one of the purposes of this work: to ensure full disclosure of data at the lab level pertaining to your health and mine, which we learned the very hard way is not obtainable at this juncture. This must not be allowed to continue. Full disclosure at the lab level would allow for early diagnosis and treatment for many people who either continue to suffer, or have developed life threatening conditions after a long period of unexplained illness. It must not be allowed to continue.
For those who have been living this painful reality in their health, they will appreciate what we have said here. It is due to “off the record” conversations we have had over the years with many medical, veterinarian, and environmental professionals, as well as university professors, that we have absolutely no reservations about putting this here. We know how real it all is. For those not experiencing this, we ask that you reserve judgement, you could be next. This is a progressive systemic type problem, effecting different people in differing ways and at differing speeds. For you who dislike what we do as it could hurt your bottom line, we are sorry as that is not our goal, and we ask that you too reserve judgement, as no one is immune to what is here. If it were to come knocking on your door, you may become supportive of what we are endeavouring to do.
If this matters to you, please visit some of the links and go over the health survey. If you have anything to report, please let us know. If you would like to participate in the health survey, or would like to petition Fraser Health Authority or Government (Health Minister) to ask for a review of your medical history, please contact us.
If you have anything to contribute to this process, we welcome all submissions.
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