About  the founder:

 My name is Kathleen. I was born and raised in British Columbia’s once majestic Fraser Valley.  I absolutely loved growing up here. I grew up on a dairy farm. I was a member of the 4H Club, trained my own horses as a child, spent a lot of time out in the forest as a child, and spent most of my working life in non traditional trades.

I was here when the water in the ditches and creeks was so clean it was drinkable, and red fox roamed the valley. As the years have gone by I have watched with much sadness the pristine beauty of this valley slowly succumb to the pressures of expansion and development, industry, and poor management of harmful substances in all the growth related activities.

I have also been quietly observing a decline in human, animal, fish, fowl, reptile, insect, water, and vegetation health, as well as the complete disappearance of some species once commonly found here, just in my lifetime.

In 2003, something happened in this valley which led to the death by rare cancer of my animals, death by rapid decomposition of all my plants and the disturbingly sudden disappearance of ground dwelling insects. I also watched as the birds I had been sharing my yard with started to get sick and die. I too became very ill, and much to my horror, no one in the medical community would help me, even though it was painfully visibly obvious that I was very ill.  

In my effort to get answers to what was happening to me, I began to experience bizarre encounters with public officials and members of the medical community and environmental remediation community. It soon became apparent that something very strange was going on. In my search of answers, I began to discover that there were many other people caught up in this same strange dragnet, with declining health and no diagnosis, or diagnosis with ineffective treatment. I also came to know that the veterinarian community was noting disturbing health trends amongst animals, and with no apparent explanation.

I developed a health survey specific to the common complaints, which has been twice pier reviewed and amended so that the data collected may be used for reporting  to further this investigation.

So far, as a result of what the U.S. found in my body, and as a result of the health survey findings of myself and other participants, reviewed by an epidemiologist, I have two letters to government requesting an investigation into the health trends in parts of the Fraser Valley.  Our government has ignored this request, made by credible professionals in the medical community.

My goal is to find all the sick people I can, and with the help of the data from completed health surveys, and your personal stories, continue to push for full disclosure in the diagnostic process, which is currently being interfered with, as well as a thorough investigation into the true conditions of our ambient environment, and full and uncensored public disclosure of these findings.

I have very good reason to suggest here that elements involved in the onset of illness “causative agents” are being suppressed in the interest of corporate agendas and medical research interests.

I know that early so-called “complex symptomology” escaping a definitive diagnosis, in many cases; will be explained by these findings. My hope, and goal, is that secrecy around what may be causing illness here will cease to act as a barrier to diagnosis, and that early intervention will be free to occur prior to the onset of the life threatening and/or debilitating conditions which would eventually manifest if left undiagnosed/untreated.

There is so much suffering, and even death that could be avoided with a simple process of complete disclosure of causative agents. With this could come early diagnosis, and treatment, eliminating the realization of many life threatening or permanently disabling conditions?  That is the primary goal of my efforts.

To stop further health threatening carnage of the ambient environment is an obvious conjoined need that requires more serious attention than it is currently receiving. Full disclosure of all present problematic elements would assist this part of the process as well.

May the future hold promise of a better quality of health here for all life forms.



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